Parliament rapporteur: special meeting linked to an emergency situation and the decision of the court will end the crisis soon

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He explained the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana, that Parliament can convene an extraordinary session to prepare for the next legislature to dismiss him, or any way the existence of an emergency, and an emergency, after following convene a meeting of the legal mechanism.

Said Youkhana "Parliament can extraordinary session held under any circumstances and there is the case of an emergency, it is a security situation or economic, or under any circumstances complemented the prime minister his booth ministerial and he needed to hold a parliament session to complete the legal procedures, the Council could commit and hold a special session," noting that "under any circumstances has been thrown ministerial cabin van blocks to attend the meeting and a quorum can be achieved then. "

He added that "the political blocs would abide by the decision of the Federal Court in any direction was, a decision that is binding," noting saying "You can hold a hearing before the beginning of the legislative term to create the atmosphere legislative term next Council and healed all the block, do not come in the beginning of the chapter there are spasms and disagreements politically it a waste of time and disruption to the work of the parliament. "

He Youkhana "that could do the House of Representatives extraordinary session which is necessary but not a violation of the law, contrary to what we hear is not permissible to an extraordinary session, but can be held for the benefit of the country and prepare the ground for the start of the legislative term," explaining that "it is to follow the legal mechanism by collecting signatures Representatives or a request from the President or Prime Minister. "

He added that "these routine procedures can be carried out by a group of deputies if they saw the need for it." The Federal Court has postponed during the second session held last week {29 last May}, for the appeal proceedings Bgelsta the House of Representatives last two, which were held in April, and adjourned the case to the eighth of June, and, after being granted experts seconded to six days to assess footage material for Bgelsta parliament.

For his part, MP for the networking component Mohammed networks to the Federal Court decision will end the crisis, the parliament soon. He clasped that "the legislative side waits for the Federal Court decision on the two sessions of the House of Representatives, which they had chaired Salim al-President of the Council and the protesters," adding that "this decision will end the dispute soon and there will be a unified session in the near future to resolve all the problems within the legislative authority." "Either at the level of the executive branch, we waiting for resolving the problems and vote on the ministerial cabin and an end to conflicts and crises in the country."

He continued, saying "either on the security front forces are security achieved great victories Daash terrorist gangs in Fallujah, and Nineveh Plain, we wait for the next few hours to announce the liberation of Fallujah and eliminate nests Daash," noting that "the liberalization of Fallujah will spread security and safety in Baghdad." The large religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Said al-Hakim, had called last Thursday, Almtsidin political affairs to study the field and political reality accurately and inspired by lessons from past mistakes.

So he called National Alliance MP Ahmed Sheikh to develop effective solutions after the legislative recess set by Parliament. Sheikh said that "compliance with the law leads to the unity of action and walk correct movement because the state meaning of the law and management of a which runs the course of events." And that "we now live in a lost breaches also need a political document either leave or go and we agree."

He continued by saying: "We need a new political mind by making the representation and quotas in parliament, only the selection of ministers on the basis of professionalism and independence .okan great religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Said al-Hakim, had called last Thursday, Almtsidin political affairs to study the field and political reality accurately and inspiration lesson from the mistakes of the past.