Deputy: Iraq needs 5 trillion to cover the salaries and expenses of the war

2016-06-06 01:22:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum, said Iraq needs 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to cover the operating expenses of the budget, adding that Iraq will not be able to cover its expenses , but the stability of the current price of a barrel in world markets.

And the Bahr al- Ulum said in a statement that Iraq needs 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to be able to cover the budget Batch expenses, which include staff salaries of $ 4 trillion and 100 billion dinars per month , and the expenses of the war against Daash amounting to 400 billion dinars per month, as well as the ration card expenses amounting to 200 billion dinars per month .

Bahr al- Ulum said that Iraq is betting on the survival of the price of a barrel of oil at the current ceiling of $ 50 or global market to rise to the barrier of 65 dollars to be able to cover those expenses.

On loan allocated for Iraq and the International Monetary Fund Bahr al- Ulum said he will put Iraq in front of a serious test of his commitment to the terms of the IMF in terms of the implementation of special important projects, and these projects will be subject to international supervision of reducing the opportunities for corruption.

Bahr al- Ulum and expect to be the first installment of that giving the $ 13 billion and $ 600 million loan during the month of September, and will be on the track to impose income on those with special grades of the Director General of Tax and older , ranging from 15 to 20 percent.

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Friday that Iraq will receive the first $ 600 million of the IMF loan of $ 5.4 billion over the next September, which has promised the international organization to extradite him over three years under an agreement announced last month as a down payment .