Abadi office regulates economic workshop to activate the partnership with the private sector

6/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi systems, workshop in order to deepen the economic partnership between the government and the private sector and its impact on the generation of opportunities to diversify Iraq's economy.
The workshop entitled "The expansion of private investment to open the door." The workshop examined ways to combat unemployment, to develop a comprehensive sustainable development plans and the creation of an effective income-generating assets to maximize the revenue of the general budget and activating ideas that achieve a fair distribution of the national wealth of the country.

Your investment

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to private investment, implementation and impacts on the development of projects and the need for citizens to services to improve their standard of living in the workshop witnessed extensive talks between government officials and representatives from the World Bank, in a move to deepen cooperation and the search for the experiences and contributions of international and activating partnerships properly.
The Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad Bolani on the sidelines of the workshop, which was held in the Green Zone guesthouse on Sunday and attended the "morning": the aim of the workshop is to summon all state capacity and put it in an operational framework to deal with the theme of "the expansion of private investment door", which was approval in the Council of Ministers through a higher committee chaired by the Minister of planning for the implementation of Article 15 of the Federal budget Law.

Attract investors

The Bolani "The presence of more than 4000 project at a cost of $ 250 billion Iraq seeks to implement them, and urges the pace to attract investors and international partners to support the implementation of these projects, stressing that the workshop is the first in a series of workshops will be held for this purpose to crystallize ideas and put them in a legal framework and entry into implementation.
He stated that the country still suffers from terrorism and struggling to get rid of gangs Daash behalf of the world, the region and looking for more opportunities with international partners within the timing believe it is suitable for starting development plan.
He called for a real coming together of everyone to adopt a clear and transparent standards for everyone to follow the implementation of the perceptions and visions of the future, and expressed optimism that the implementation of these projects and access to the areas of development of a wider doors and win the economic battle as the victories achieved in the fight against terrorism.
Map executive through

For his part, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Mzarmohamd Saleh in an interview for the "morning" revealed that the economic workshop organized by the Office of the Prime Minister is the road map for implementation of the issue of partnership between the private and government sectors painted framework of Article 15 of the Federal Budget Law. Saleh pointed out that "due to the workshop make recommendations to the Cabinet for approval and activation visions emanating from it more broadly, adding that there is a fundamental point of playing down fears of investors and contributes to the activation of partnership with the government, is that the latter will be the incubator for the project and a partner to the private sector reduces risk to a minimum.
He said the government is working according to a program to consolidate the partnership between the two sectors.

Basra Gas Company

The first experience in the field of implementation and the embodiment of the concept of Article 15 is the establishment of Basra Gas Company, in cooperation with the foreign sector, adding that the aim to attract investment and the introduction of modern technology and adequate financing and management excellence by providing the country's prospects for the private sector, a pattern of investment support and a form of partnership in accordance with standards global.
Saleh explained that the activation of partnership with the private sector creates opportunities to diversify Iraq's economy and the fight against unemployment and the creation of income-generating assets to maximize the national wealth of the country.

Initial steps

In turn, counting and Deputy Minister of Planning Maher Hammad that the workshop aims to activate the existing initial steps on the absolute investment in the Investment Authority level in addition to the types of the existing partnership in progress, including the law of public sector companies and the law of the founding of private sector companies, indicating that the state is a partnership one of its options for building the economy, according to national development plans.
He said the "activation of partnership" enforceable path according to the vision of the government, "especially after the crisis generated by the drop in oil prices, and continued: We have more than 4000 project is still currently under implementation, 10% of them are not working where properly due to a lack of financial resources which relate to services and infrastructure and the need to apply the successful experience of framing a bright picture for the future of our economy and the strength of the structure of the most prominent regional and world economies.