Provide transparency by adopting the digital economy

6/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al - Hashimi

said economic researcher Lubna al - Shammari: the adoption of new technologies and their applications in the economic aspects of Iraq would strengthen governance and check gears quality in the performance of the economy in general and the stock market in particular.

Modern systems and added - Shammari said in an interview »Sabah» that Iraq sought market Securities for the application of modern systems for the success of the deployment of trading directly on global sites will serve as a magnet for investment indirect factor and enhances the performance of the market.

She said the show trading bulletins own market Iraq Securities on the Arab and international economic sites will be the definition of foreign investors , exchange - traded sectors factor as well encouraging local investors to engage in the side of the indirect financial investments.

announced the Iraq Stock Exchange, the middle of last month, the signing of three agreements for the development of their dealings in order to ensure market move new, advanced to the stage and content in its financial transactions.

financial Services is seeking market to expand its contracts to include other specialized agencies the provision of financial services and dissemination of data and information for financial markets to investors, including data and prices of shares traded for the moment implemented online price over the bar prices ».

and put a Shammari Speaking to direct the transformation of Iraq 's importance to the digital economy as it provides transparency and significantly reduce the corruption and manipulation and fraud, as well as the reduction of effort and time to stroll public transactions and ease the pressure on staff during the completion of transactions in different ministries and departments. and felt it was time to leave paperwork and transition to digitization and computerization of data and information instead of paper archiving outdated system, stressing that a number of departments of ministries began working mail , but the others have not been able to shift entirely to the digitization of information, data and computerization can cause confusion for the auditors between the two circles.