Serious steps to expand the deposits of banks

6/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
encouraged citizens financial expert to save their money in banks, especially with the start taking serious steps in the field of insurance funds and the granting of benefits to work to expand the deposits of banks.

It is estimated current monetary bloc that squandering of citizens in their homes between 30 experts - 40 trillion dinars .

The expert said Thamer al - Azzawi «morning»: The government and the banks began positive steps to attract deposit funds, but these steps need to be a real activation, in addition to the money deposited what is beneficial for both sides with the increase in economic growth of the country 's investment.

according to the Iraqi private banks association, the increase in deposits of citizens in banks where reflections of great positive on the financial and economic sector of Iraq because increasing the deposit means more growth and increased firing of loans and operating labor and project implementation opportunities.

Azzawi highlighted the importance of the adoption of new standards to urge citizens to deposit funds, including the adoption of modern technology as organs of deposit and exchange mail and expand the work of credit cards, suggesting the possibility of the deployment of these devices as an experiment previews of the financial banking offices and be depositing or withdrawing money without taking the benefit of the citizens , the percentage shall be handled between banks and owners of banking directly.

divided deposits in banks and savings accounts , namely: »accounts the amounts that are deposited by individuals in banks and are deposits on the types of them: a cash deposit, and the deposit of a check clearing, and the deposit of the enrollment, and fixed deposit accounts: the amounts deposited with the banks within a specified period before (individual sectors or sector companies, associations or any sectors and other variable rates benefit the amount of fixed deposits may not be made ​​by any process of withdrawing Awaidaa during the period from the start of the deposit date until maturity and are the types: deposit for six months with an interest rate of 5 percent, and the deposit for one year with an interest rate of 5.5 percent, and the deposit for a period of two years by 6 percent interest.