Efforts to "slit rows" waged blocks before resolving the elimination of appeals hearings the House of Representatives


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Committee of experts charged with the task of checking expired in the Proceedings of the two sessions records (14 and April 26) of the preparation of the report which will be submitted to the court on Monday.

The report, according to one member, includes a technical analysis of what happened at those meetings, after the survey was conducted sites within the parliament building.

In the meantime, is preparing "the reform front," Her appeal, to request an extraordinary session of parliament was held, if it was the court's decision, expected to be made next Wednesday, in favor of its position.

Conversely fighting the other team, in support of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, dialogues with members of the front to persuade them to join its ranks, after he attended a number of them in the session last Sunday.

This team seems assured that the Federal Court's decision will be in his favor.

The Federal Supreme Court decided, at the last meeting held by the end of last May, to postpone consideration of the appeal submitted claims Bgelsta the House of Representatives until June 8 current.

The court confirmed that the parties to suits supplied with ten compact discs (CD) on the proceedings of the meetings, and put it at the disposal of media experts has been assigned, to submit their report to the court on Monday.

Commission experts seconded
A source in the Committee of Experts that "the Commission has completed the preparation of the report, which was prepared for submission to the court on time."

The source, who asked not to be named, was not authorized to declare, he stressed (range) yesterday, said that "the Commission had examined the development of the cameras, and the information that came in the tapes at the event site, which the House of Representatives."

The source pointed out that the ten disks received by the Commission, concerning the parties to the conflict, (legitimate) and (reform front), but declined to give further information about the contents of the discs, or in favor of any party will be the final report.

It took the first session of the Federal Court last month, 0.3 hours and was attended by 13 MPs, mostly from the opposition team.

He says Abdulrahman Alloizi, one of the MPs who attended the meeting, "There was a high transparency in the meeting and give everyone time to talk."

But Alloizi pointed out that the attendees (Reform Front) were surprised, the treatment of the Federal Court for the two sessions April 14 (sacking Jubouri session) and April 26 (session headed by al-Jubouri and choose the government and the amendment) in the same way, while affirming the lack of an appeal submitted by hearing the dismissal of the presidency of parliament .

MP for Nineveh (range) that "the court in every detail ask about the April 14 session, and then for April 26 because it is considered that there are consequential effects and the relationship between the sessions."

The Court considered, in a recent statement, the unification Da'oyen that he came, "shorthand for the time and effort, because the subject of these cases one and its outskirts as well," but pointed out that "the court heard the statements of the parties and their agents in detail and their comments."

And the payment of the opposition team with 6 video tapes to the court, but Alloizi "In the end, the recordings are evidence, not conclusive evidence, and the decision will be a conviction, according to the court."

Paper live signatures
And reliable "reform" team "log signatures," which includes the names of more than 170 deputies, who attended the sacking of the parliament speaker, Salim al-session.

Front and based on legal precedent occurred in the parliament in 2009, when the Federal Court rejected the adoption of the "videos" of the facts of the sacking of one of Representatives hearing, because the camera's parliament did not cover all those who participated in the meeting.

The court decided at the time, relying on a list of signatures of "living" for voting for the dismissal of this MP Mohammed al-Daini, as it can not answer these signatures, but the appeal of rigging.

Until then, the parliament will remain in recess devoted to the support of combat forces in the boycotted Fallujah, and will not resume parliamentary sessions again, only two scenarios: announcement of the Federal Court its final decision, or to hold an "extraordinary meeting" at the request of one of the three presidencies or request of 50 deputies, a what are working on "the reform front", in order to choose a new parliament, the presidency.

He says Abdul Salam al-Maliki, a member of the reform front in contact with the (range), "before requesting the meeting we agreed with the other parties, to achieve a sufficient quorum for the dismissal of the Presidency, and then declare open the autopsy for the job."

Maliki says, "There are many parties, I began to be convinced the work front and want to join them," pointing out that "the Federal Court heard on all sides, and took all the evidence, there is no longer room for the postponement again."

It will reform front, according to al-Maliki, to "complete the project over the sacking of reformist prime minister, and the abolition of quotas in the political process, and not accepting the change of government, announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for months."

But the ultra-MP Sheikh Ali, a member of the reform front, ruled that the court will issue its final decision in a timely manner.

Sheikh Ali said, in comments posted on his page in Vspock, "I do not think that a decision will be issued by this deadline, because they are still waiting for the experts who are assigned by the Tribunal, which they will offer it on Monday, June 6 report."

"In the day of the hearing will be asking the court litigants whether they had any objection to the report, if the answer is yes, it will continue the court proceedings and postpone consideration of the case until the completion of proceedings.

If the answer is no will end by completing the procedures on the day of the meeting, to postpone the decision to the sentencing to another hearing.

" But the member of the Reform Front returned to confirm that "the government will depend largely on the basis of the experts' report" .oonhy the House of Representatives, last Tuesday, in a session "consultative" Exit Chapter Alstriei second, two days after the parliamentary vote to extend it for another month.

The extension was intended to complement government cabin which was interrupted after the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement to the parliament the end of last April.

However, the month of the extension began also ended without being able to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi put forward the names of the new ministers, or even lead five ministers, who are voiceless Parliament in session April 26, was sworn in.

Attempts to divide the opposition
It is expected the gesture, deputy head of the Badr Parliament, said that "the parliament is working to complete the government cabin, and sworn in five ministers after the legislative recess the end of the beginning of the beginning of next July",
stressing MP gesture, in connection with the (range), that "there are important laws Off we passing in the new legislative term, after that we were able to achieve a quorum. "

Parliament confirms that it held its last quorum exceeded Al167 deputies, while questioned Front reform figure and considered an attempt to influence the decision "of the Federal Court."

He said a member of the Badr bloc by saying "move extensively on the members know what the reform front, and we were able to convince some of them, who attended Tuesday's session, the last."

He was a member Front Reform MP Fadel Kanani has revealed, hours of the last session of parliament before, for "The 15 deputies from the Front reform will attend the meeting (Tuesday) Kmaatardan."

But MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi denied entry this number to the last session, stressing that "the two deputies, two only two who participated in the meeting and two each from MP Azim and Healing, and demanded Kharbit," attributing entering this time to "social pressures", according to the recipe.

Conversely MP for the Civic Democratic Alliance high-Sheikh Ali, in a tweet published after the day of the hearing on the straining, the seven MPs from the Reform Front entered the parliament session.