Urgent :: Issuing Instructions for individual lending Iraqi citizens


Ages and announced the ministry of housing and municipal general, individual lending instructions given by the Iraqi housing fund for the purpose of building construction or added under the initiative of the central bank of Iraq containing the lending fund $ 850 billion dinars.

And he said the general manager of circle housing fund Iraq on behalf of bahauddin, he's under the instructions issued by van loan fund, which has been identified by no more than 50 million dinars per case divorce satisfied, which will include all Iraqi citizens who work Aged between 22 and 65 years. Except for the territory?

Added to the loan does not include either the agricultural and industrial lands, referring to the loan is granted for the purpose of adding the construction or building for the owner of the residential piece of land in independence or feelings for no minimum size of 100 square meters and building space. Don't say 65 M 2, and will pay 40 % two-phase of the swap (Lbtlw) and 60 % about lạnhạít stage, or 60 % of the stage roofing and 40 % of the complete lạnhạít Can't get a loan is granted at once.

And almost to the instructions on the beneficiary to provide enough solidarity or more civilian staff illiterate or the members of the ministry of internal affairs officer and above to cover half of their salary nominal amount of the monthly payment, it also bears the borrower jaguar administrative services 1 % The value of the loan taken for once the payment of the first instalment of 2 % annual interest payments and the central bank of Iraq.

She identified the instructions you heal time between the first and the second pan of not more than six months and then reverse the second instalment of the claim, stating that the borrower bear jaguar detect the amount of 60 thousand dinars each time, and the duration of the repayment of the loan is 10 Years ago.

The loan is included citizens who call to get it written request, also can include former borrowers who did not receive the full payments the initiative through the submission of a written request for the purpose of the initiative to adopt the same amount as previous highest (35) Million Capital, Baghdad, and (30) million for the rest of the provinces to continue work on the terms of the fund received the same duration (15) years and adopt the mechanism and conditions for the new lending under the initiative.

According to the instructions issued by the fund, the citizens who wish to obtain a loan to provide land title talk didn't go more than 6 months and building effective advantage didn't go to her more than three years, certified and border police install modern didn't go It more than 3 months and police certified building, as well as ensuring an official of a civil servant or an associate in the internal affairs officers and higher grounds and personal to the borrower and sponsor.

It is hoped that the launch of direct loans early next month.