Kurdish lawmaker: for this reason do not pay their employees' salaries Kurdistan

Sunday 5 June 2016 | 19:47
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BAGHDAD / .. confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib, Sunday, the need for the region to the percentage of loan amounts obtained by Iraq, indicating that the economic deficit caused them to non-fulfillment of the Government Center Boradat oil and non-payment of staff salaries.

She said Najib's "Eye of Iraq News," "The loans will you receive the Baghdad government, international financial institutions, is the right of every Iraqi citizen to get a percentage of them, and this constitution is in accordance with Article 106 of the Iraqi Constitution, which indicates that the grants and aid are all loans federal revenues are distributed fairly region in a major financial crisis. "

And it stated that "the region is going through a great economic crisis, prompted him to delay staff salaries and the payment of some form (half salary), as well as Sgobh faces in fulfilling the Government Center Bawaradat oil."

The MP to "the need to adopt economic agreements and plans to overcome the crisis and reach a quick solution certainty of disability and Taazation outbreak."

It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from a deficit in its budget this year, an estimated $ 22 billion, and this comes in conjunction with the decline in oil prices and the rising cost of the war on terrorism and the liberation of the cities organizing Daash.anthy 6