Parliamentary security: we plan to call Al-Jaafari to coordinate with the intelligence service and activate "outside the country".

2016-06-05 at 17:06

Special the balance of news

Security and Defence Committee member revealed representative Alexander tut, Sunday, the Planning Committee for the Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari called for coordination with the intelligence service and was active outside the country.

Tut said to balance news/, that "the security and Defence Committee had examined the achievements and constraints on intelligence work this device through Device Manager and Director hosting operations, revealing at the same time, the Commission informed us that it plans to summon Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to coordinate with the intelligence service and activate its role externally."

Called tut by authorizing the Government to activate and develop intelligence on foreign stations to find out what's happening in those States and influences on our Government. "

It is said that the Iraqi national intelligence service last year, said that many of the criticisms made by a number of parliamentarians and politicians Iraqis on a number of documents published on the Wikileaks site and correspondence which indicate some Iraqi political figures connections with Saudi authorities without heeding the dictates of the Supreme National interest of the country and the lack of action of the device to prevent that ended 29