Sponsor hospital issued the first health insurance cards worth six million dinars

2016/6/5 16:20

[Oan- Baghdad]

Specialist Hospital, the sponsor of the Abbasid threshold issued the first comprehensive health insurance scheme, which was adopted in cooperation with Al Reham Insurance cards today.

A statement by the flags of the threshold that "the first of these cards were the family of the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd, a family of the martyr Ahmed Sabih Abdul, who received the honor of martyrdom, which upholds the soil and the honor of this nation, what was the hospital sponsor but to initiate his project with his family precious."

The initiation issuing insurance cards has announced a press conference held in the Hall of hospital meetings and to which he made an explanation of the objective and purpose of this project and the meta tags, where the public relations and media official sponsor Specialist Hospital Maher al-Hassani giving About the project when he said: "The project It aims to ease the financial burden on the patient and receiving a medical service, providing steady and sustained financial resources lead to a full reassurance including medical services prohibitive provides a cost to low-income people, as well as contribute to the realization of the principle of social solidarity and reduce the expenses incurred by the ministries and governmental institutions in the treatment of its members. "

"The adoption of the health insurance system leads to increased productivity of human resources and increase the rate of growth and development of public and private health sector, to compete to attract believers health as well as reducing the depletion of foreign exchange resulting from the treatment expenses abroad."

For his part, Chairman of Al Reham Insurance Company Abdul Hassan Ziadi "The company will provide health cover worth six million dinars, of which five million and 250 thousand dinars include a surgical procedure and by carrying 100%, and 500 thousand dinars include radiology, inspection and sonar, laboratory, by carrying 75% , The pharmacological treatments company 250 thousand dinars Vtaathml by 75%. "

And "there are some cases excluded from the insurance Kalachtlal mental and psychological diseases and the costs of industrial medicine and dental surgery operations and slimming treatments and rest periods and quarantine parties."

The Director General of the sponsor Specialist Hospital, Dr. Haider al-Bahadli have said for his part: "We have prepared insurance card contains the complete information about the insured and the tally modern electronic way, though the hospital had cooperated with the network of reputable hospitals in other Iraqi provinces provide treatment for believers, has received a number of requests with priority given to the families, and there is a possibility to contract with aggregates [trade unions, associations, institutions]. "