China is showing interest in strategic projects in Diwaniyah governorate

2016/06/05 15:49


Bureaucracy, management announced on Sunday, Chinese companies desire to implement investment projects in various sectors in the city of Diwaniyah, while keen on facilitating the procedures and opportunities and appropriate investment environment for the work of those companies.

Governor of Diwaniyah said Sami Hasnaoui told the (long press), "the conservative administration searched the delegation group of companies (CGC) and (چان did) Chinese investment, investment projects in sectors of energy, housing and oil and mineral industries and security systems and e-Government."

Here, he said that "the meeting discussed the investment opportunities available in the province and ways to overcome obstacles to facilitate procedures for companies wishing to invest real projects contribute to the environment, to improve services and promote conservative economy suffer real financial crisis".

The Governor stressed, "there is a lot of investment opportunities in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors across the County, and fully prepared for investment to facilitate the work of foreign companies within the province."

Diwaniyah investment body, was announced (early June being), the launch of the exhibition projects and jobs available in the County, (180 km south of Baghdad), while specialists criticized the investment laws and the enemy "lie" being exploited by parties to finance itself, conservative administration reaffirmed its support to investors and to facilitate their actions, and threatened to withdraw the work from a Kuwaiti company if committed to the implementation of the airport project in Diwaniyah.