Najib: territorial staff did not receive their salaries for five months.

2016-06-05 11:27

Special the balance of news

Consider the Kurdistan Alliance mp Najib answer truthfully, Sunday, allot 17 percent of loans and grants that the Federal Government obtains a constitutional entitlement, in referring to non-receipt of the territorial officers paid for more than 5 months.

Najib said to balance news/customize, 17% of loans and aid grants and Treasury bonds is unconstitutional for Kurdistan ", adding that" article 106 of the Constitution emphasizes that each loan or grant should be distributed fairly and transparently between the territory and the Federal Government. "

She added, "the KRG passing suffocating financial crisis where never received his staff salaries for more than 5 months in addition to confront him for" ISIS "and expectations of increased numbers of displaced people with starting the Edit process connector", adding that "the territory does not have a Central Bank to issue securities and Treasury."

She continued, "Kurdistan is not a State so you can borrow from other countries", stating that "territory" 17% "does not require a Commission by Prime Minister Haider Abadi".