Basra Investment denies affected the tourism sector as "recession" and investors are calling for the establishment of global projects

2016-06-04 23:57:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

I went back the investment in the province of Basra on Saturday, that the tourism projects under implementation "will not be affected , " the current economic recession, as much influenced by the possibility of attracting more investors to the province, while calling Mstmron to the establishment of a "universal characteristic" to upgrade the province of Basra projects.

The head of the Basra Investment Commission on the Gaspe " The tourist investment projects that are under construction will not be affected by the economic recession , but on the contrary because the implementation cost may be less than the former , " noting that " the duration of the economic recession may be limited due to the current financial crisis, and ending with completed a number of projects that are currently under construction, which serves the investors. "

Gaspe and acknowledged that " the economic downturn will affect the possibility of attracting more investors to the province , " noting that "Basra is currently witnessing the establishment of Saif Millennium Hotel five-star, which is one of the important tourism projects , where will be managed when completed in 2018, by a Singaporean company with a global reputation. "

For his part, the project Saif Millennium Wael Shawkat hotel manager, " The hotel has 350 rooms as well as rooms , entertainment, reaching achieved 45 percent now , " she returned it "sets a new mark in Basra through managed by a world - renowned company that needs to maintain more of them to upgrade their betterment. "

Experiencing the province of Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), weak economic movement due to the financial crisis, but the existence of investment projects and the presence of oil companies, experts and businessmen may distinguish conservatism from the other.