Tamimi: IMF loan "Labyrinth" wairadt oil stolen

Since 2016-06-04 at 13:52

Special balance news

Magda parliamentary Finance Committee member confirmed Tamimi, said Saturday that the IMF loan would enter Iraq in labyrinths, stating that Iraq had to reduce his expenses instead of borrowing.

Tamimi said, to balance news, that "the primary purpose of the IMF loan is to bridge the shortfall in the budget Act, which it's not developmentally loan."

Tamimi said that "share the territory of the loan will be 17% According to the actual Exchange budget", accompanying share "the rest of the provinces are under the budget Act, which after reduction which will be agreed upon by the international monetary order through cost pressure."

She continued, "this loan will enter Iraq in labyrinths, Iraq had to reduce his expenses and improves the use of funds, as well as reviewing the policy and financial management.

She asked what Tamimi, on "oil revenues," banner exchange "through disciplined manner those revenues and lack of accountability, as well as it contains clear corruption and theft."

She explained that the "cost of war" ISIS ", the international community, the fact that ISIS Israeli American industry, its aim to weaken the State institutions."

It is said that the IMF and the World Bank and international partners agreed on 19 may 2016, Iraq grants a loan of $ 15 billion and 1.5%.