Parliament calls for activating the role of youth loan coverage

التحریر:: 2016/6/4 13:47

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

called Kurdistan blocs Coalition mp Majid shankali to activate the role of youth and include them with loans.

Shankali said the Agency {Euphrates news} "Parliament with all its components consistently support young people, is demanding the Federal Government to activate the role of youth and working to end unemployment especially among graduates.

"We hope after the launch of loans amounting to six and a half trillion dinars to include young people, for their support and the Elimination of unemployment, especially in the subject of lending."
He stressed the need for "the Government to invest in the private sector to provide jobs for young unemployed people, private sector must be able to accommodate young energies in Iraq since the Federal Government cannot accommodate so many graduates.

He urged the need to "activate the private sector in the industrial and economic sphere and companies to absorb these energies and employment".

It was the religious authority Ayatollah Shaykh Muhammad Ishaq Fayed, stressed Thursday during the National Conference of the whistleblower and informants, the need for attention to youth energies "before it's too late", criticizing the lack of response to appeals by the authorities take care of youth and invest their energies and boost the national spirit.

It is said that the Cabinet agreed at its last Tuesday to launch a Government loan for housing, industry and agriculture sectors amount {5.6 trillion dinars} under the axis of economic reform and on a sound footing and to diversify its sources and transported from a productive economy and REI, transforming the economic system of the State of the consumer's system to multiple production system resources, as his media spokesman announced the Office of Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi.