Member of the parliamentary Finance to support banks and deposit activation code

التحریر:: 2016/6/4 13:39

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

parliamentary Finance Committee member called Sarhan Ahmed, Government to support banks and deposit activation code to activate the banking sector and develop the country's economy.

Rep Sirhan Ahmed {Euphrates news} that "the development of the banking sector in Iraq through government support for banks, as well as Central Bank and financed by the sums needed to be able to perform their duties to the fullest," Noting that "this depends on the amount of the reserve at the Central Bank.

"The distribution of State deposits under the law on bank deposits, enabling individuals to deposit their valuables at banks and dealing with these acquisitions leading to find constant movement between customers and banks".

Ahmed said that "this will generate large banking movement and will develop the economy that movement through the deposit law", noting that "this is a major State which can move and support banks to operate properly and lead to the development of the Iraqi economy properly."

He noted that "what hinders revitalization of the banking sector is" non-citizen confidence in banks, the reasons and constraints connected ".

It was a beautiful name Economist Antoine, said the 9th of may last, that "the banking system in Iraq put miserable."

Antoine said to {Euphrates news} "with higher oil prices of up to 50 dollars per barrel then would reduce budget deficits and opens the way for the Iraqi Government to pay debts and ease the burden on them in addition to move economic budget to create jobs at home," but "now there's an economic paralysis in the private sector and non-payment of the Government's commitments in addition to the banking system in Iraq in a miserable and this exacerbated the problem and more conferences."