Daraji: 5 whales corruption to justice would retrieve billions of dollars

Since 2016-06-04 12:44 (Baghdad time)

Special the balance of news

The National Alliance mp Rahim daraji, Saturday, that the Government is incapable of providing corrupt judiciary to recover public money that has been stolen.

Ashley said to balance news, "if five or six of the whales to eliminate corruption, got billions of dollars, which ran out of Iraq without right, but incapable of it."

Darraji said that the "corruption of the Iraqi economy as a result of non-departmental necrosis upbringing for successive Governments, demanding that" the corrupt accounting deduction. "

And between the Darraji, the "paralysis of the Iraqi economy and disclose corruption and uphold citizens ' rights without taking positions in gaudy, security and safety."

Iraq suffers from a severe economic crisis as a result of lower oil prices, as well as administrative corruption led by corrupt big whales.