Tahrir protesters renew their demands for the application of the reforms and call for support for security forces

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Hundreds of people demonstrated in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, on Friday, to confirm previous demands including spoilers accounting and the application of reforms in various political, economic and security aspects, while underlining the peaceful demonstrations and not to be subjected to state institutions, stressed the need to support the security forces and the crowd and folk complete the liberation of all the cities Iraqi al (Daash).

He said one of the participants in the demonstration, Ahmed al-Husseini, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "hundreds of demonstrators, who attended today to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, to emphasize previous demands and sustain public pressure on political decision-makers," noting that "most of the appeals and demands focused on the corrupt accounting and application of political, security, economic and other reforms. "

He said al-Husseini, the "Getting Started line that began with demonstrations in August 2016, and was characterized by its peaceful nature and the demands of national, sustained while achieving public goals and what could be the country's political and security and social stability," pointing out that "Our aim is the advancement of Iraq and not the purpose of these demonstrations break into state institutions. "

He called al-Husseini, to "support the security forces and the popular crowd in their war against the (Daash), until we achieve complete victory against terrorism and retrieve usurped all Iraqi cities."
It is noteworthy that the capital Baghdad and other provinces experiencing about a year ago demonstrations and mass protests calling for reform of the political process and the fight against corruption and the corrupt and the formation of a government efficiencies far from partisan and sectarian affiliations.