Iraq calls upon the international community to assist in the reconstruction of liberated cities

2016/6/3 15:09


It called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the International Labour Organization to assist Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated cities from regulating Daash terrorist.

Senior agent of the Ministry of Labour, Faleh al-Amiri said during his speech Conference of the International Labour meeting in Geneva on Friday seen by the agency all of Iraq [where], that "Iraq is fighting gangs Daash criminal behalf of the world and was able to expulsion from large areas of the country and is still crucial and constant battle," he underlined that "Daash committed great crimes against civilians and left millions of displaced people and displaced to pass the country's humanitarian crisis is greater than a critical national our potential."

He continued by saying that "this situation has pushed Iraq to seek international assistance and expand the horizons of fruitful cooperation for the reconstruction of liberated cities Daash and job creation and employment as part of the transition from war to peace by recommendation 71 of the year 1944 that Congress shall modernized to achieve the present humanist and the future of decent nations Region " .

He went on saying that "Iraq faced exceptional circumstances over four decades has affected negatively on the social capital and the investment environment and business opportunities and rates of productivity due to wars and violence and crimes Daash terrorist," pointing out that "the government and despite the challenges has been to bring effective change in the planning and design of social policy methodology according to the national constants and the values ​​of social solidarity and guided by the labor standards. "

He pointed out that "the government has achieved its transmission quality in the implementation of social security programs, which set up a specialized and independent body, financially mission of providing conditional and unconditional subsidies based on the poverty line as a basis for entry into the umbrella of social protection standards," explaining that "the Ministry of Labour was able to complete the target demographic and broad process beneficiary families and conducted large audit of the dimensions is eligible for social protection, as part of re-building a social safety net and the wide-ranging and fair. "

He concluded by saying that "the measures taken by the ministry, which coincided with the coordination with the regional office of the International Labour Organization in Beirut on labor issues, social security and occupational health and safety and vocational training," noting that "the ministry has reached a framework Tvahma to cooperate with the international organization to meet the needs of employers and workers sectors and capacity building and updating policies and evaluating draft laws concerning trade union freedoms and retirement security and social workers. "