The Central Bank and the Lebanese banks reported 10 agreed installment raise capital for two years.
June 2, 2016

The Central Bank reported, Lebanese banks, agreed installment increase capital to 50 million dollars for two years, so that banks should repay 20 million this year and 30 million in the year 2017.

Sources follow Arab News «site Economic «Central resolution came before the deadline in June, after the visit of the delegation sent to Lebanese banks (bankers included Samir long Daniel Bader and lawyer Nasser Hebron) Central officials met with a suggestion installment (slumbered modify to reduce periods of three years to two years and the size of the premiums from 15-15-15 million to $ 20-30 million) before the approval decision.

The sources noted that «the first installment is due from this year (20 million) found in central Baghdad, and Thalia wouldn't bear the burden of providing banks a year full of difficulties and challenges which impose significant financial burdens, especially after the Bank's announcement that subset in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah are no longer linked organizationally or financially or administratively, meaning not to release funds to deposit there.

This file is an item in the reform process led by the Government of Baghdad with us assistance, a us federal units follow them directly and is charged with investigating suspicious business deals and smuggling oil and remittances from JD/us $ in the corridors she frequented uncovered thefts directly inside Iraq by 20 percent and the rest, totaling about $ 724 billion. Baghdad now demands the recovery of about 10 percent of those robberies, the equivalent of 100 billion dollars to provide salaries for public employees financial entitlements Iraqi, after negotiations conducted by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Haidar Abadi and his predecessor in the United States.

The Lebanese banks that have branches in Kurdistan are: «fransabank», «Bank», «Bank of Lebanon and the diaspora», «Bank Byblos», «Mediterranean Bank», «credit libanais Bank», «Bank of Beirut and the country», «Arabic Lebanese Bank – InterContinental French», «Bank», «Bank of the Middle East and Africa.

The value of the Lebanese funds deposited with the Central Bank in Arbil, about $ 90 million, and is targeting Baghdad's decision not to release it.