The Army begins the process of holding the earth and return of displaced families to wet city


‎Breaking‬ News:

Ministry of defence has announced on Thursday that directly to the security forces of the army, the police and the process of the return of displaced persons, and hold the ground wet city border in the governorate of lạnbạr.

The Ministry had said in a statement, to the leadership of the infantry. Sixteen, in collaboration with the major general 18 federal police in coordination with the local police and the mobilization of the clan in anbar initiated the process of holding the earth and the proliferation of the security forces In the humid, justice and the return of displaced persons to places them in accordance with the procedures for security marked accurate and cruise.

The statement to normal life starting to come back to the city, where she opened shops and commercial markets to its doors lmtbḑ‘yn with the flow of foodstuffs.

And his statement was followed the opening of the health centres to provide medical services to citizens, as well as providing the various municipal services not available without the efforts of the security forces, which are the conditions of adequate security for its return, after the destruction of infrastructure Wet infrastructure of the city.

And from another side check border force Commander Panel Corner Hamid Abdullah, port trebil border, accompanied by the commander of the 16, because of the importance of the area of security and economic geography, and the neighbouring states, and what you mean. Performing the return to work, being as a result of the progress of the security forces and defeat groups of terrorist acts.

And met the sixteenth division commander, general morning fadel rain keep standing wet spend a number of elders and leaders of the judiciary, during the meeting. The emphasis on the cooperation of the people with the security forces to maintain the security of their region, especially after The restoration of justice recently, in the latter, to prevent any breaches of security might have a future, and emphasized the need for everyone to open port trebil which is an important breeding of the tributaries of the Iraqi economy.

He also general morning fadel rain visited 18 Federal Police Brigade in the designated wetlands duty hold interrupting responsibility, and check things out of the administrative and logistical brigade and raise the morale of combatants, and stressed the measures Prudence and caution, along with the continuation of the liberation of fallujah to prevent the enemy from exposure for the rest of the breakers Anbar Province.