Electric signs contract worth 126 million dollars to establish manufacturing approaching reality

2016/06/02 19:13


The electricity Ministry announced Thursday, concluded a contract to build a power plant manufacturing bismayah (400 KB), indicated that the contract value of more than $ 126 million, repayment term payment mechanism will be for three years.

The spokesman said the Ministry, in a statement, teacher Musab received (range), "electricity Minister Qasim Muhammad captured suspects, agents of the Ministry, the number of Directors, the Ministry has concluded a contract with MAS holdings, to build a power plant manufacturing bismayah (400 KB), which will decode the bottlenecks in areas south of Baghdad, along with thoiliha of electrical energy for the residential complex of approaching reality.

The teacher said, "the contract value 126 million and four hundred thousand dollars," indicating that the "contract term payment mechanism will be for three years," pointing out that "the company has been granted sovereign guarantee executed by the Ministry.

For his part, the Director of MAS holdings, Ahmed Ismail, according to the statement, "this station is important that capacity to 3000 energy conversion mikawat".

Iraq is suffering a shortage of electricity since the beginning of 1990, the last three years have seen an improvement in power supply after opening a number of electric stations (alzbideh in Basra and Karbala walhaidrih in Najaf and Maysan gas station and two in Diwaniya and Sadr station in Baghdad, Basra's Shatt al-Arab walrmilh stations and gas station in Kirkuk), where hours of operation to about 20 hours, especially with low temperatures with reduced hours of operation heats up Increasing loads on power plants during peak times.

Despite achieving energy production in Iraq some 12000 MW, it is still below the level of ambition and the need of more than 20 thousand MW to over Iraq, which needs huge investment to reach self-sufficiency.