Loan Fund Alnkdata is subject to " the deduction of staff allocations and Alghaedam ration"

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The Commission on the economy of parliamentary and investment, the IMF granted a loan to Iraq is subject to "the deduction of staff allocations and the elimination of subsidies for ration card", as pointed out that these measures from the government the authority does not need to be approved by parliament, called for an official to adopt modern methods of preparation financial budget.

The committee member said Zaher al-Abadi, said that there are some criteria and conditions Iraq must be applied to grant loans by the International Monetary Fund, "noting that" among those conditions impose income tax and the abolition of some allowances granted to employees Kalzojih and children on the grounds that these excessive amounts deducted provides funds ".

He said al-Abadi, that "among the conditions is also the elimination of subsidies for ration card and some hydrocarbons," asserting that "all of these actions are from the government the power and do not require parliamentary approval, and if this matter came to parliament and ask his opinion would be our position."

It was the financial advisor to the Prime Minister and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh has revealed, in (27 May 2016), that the amount of "international financial umbrella" will get Iraq estimated at approximately $ 20 billion, as called for economic and investment commission in parliament to focus on the need actual loans and how to spend to strengthen the national economy, demanded an economist statement difference between Karza Monetary Fund and the World Bank for international public opinion.

For his part, the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Walid al-Hilli, the need to give priority to investment expenses in the financial budget, calling for the adoption of modern methods in the preparation of the budget.

The ornaments in a speech during the opening of the first international symposium organized by the Association of Accountants and Auditors in cooperation with the Arab League and the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in Baghdad, according to a statement his office had received "long", a copy of it, that "the financial budget should give priority attention to the expenses of the investment more than operating costs and expenses, and provide the necessary support for a free market economy, agriculture, industry, trade, banking sector and enable it to play a role in the growth of the Iraqi economy, rather than dependence on imports of oil money and a president. "

The ornaments, the "need to develop advanced scientific treatments for the advancement of facing the challenges and obstacles hindering the development of the Iraqi economy through proper planning the adoption of the financial budget.

He pointed ornaments, to "the need to develop the traditional curriculum in the preparation of the budget adoption style Balancing programs within advanced scientific methodology, thus making use of information systems planning, and work hard to achieve the goals and a clear lead to the development of the Iraqi economy in light airs limbering and anti-sag and financial and administrative corruption, and activating accountability right and Calendar in the preparation of financial budgets in order to facilitate activation and implementation process. "
In turn, he said the economist Abbas Ibrahim al-Bahadli, said the economic reform announced by the government for nearly two years is an empty content and application slogans impossible. "

"The continuation of senior officials and influential in the Iraqi state today is the receipt of the salaries of fictional without reduction represents a drain on clear and explicit to balance the country that have been developed to provide services to the Iraqi people."

Bahadli said that "the relevant administrative contexts blundering to address the economic crisis, the continuation will lead the country into a major financial disaster inevitably, and Starved amounts borrowed can not bridge the country's annual budget deficit."

He said the "terms of international institutions which intend to lend Iraq good is relatively if it was applied by the Iraqi government truly without the inclusion of a certain segment of employees and retirees that austerity conditions and leave the senior staff and those with special grades salaries unchanged without the deduction."

Bahadli said that "financial institutions of the state need to re-focused rapid restructuring to evaluate its work and monitor the exact amounts that must be allocated a month and get rid of financial waste, which created corruption mafias looted Mozanat nearly ten years ago."

He was the financial advisor to the prime minister, had confirmed (24 May 2016), that the priority regardless IMF loan will cover the deficit assignments displaced people and social welfare and the ration card, and set up projects limit unemployment, denying almost categorically any intention to cut marital allowances, while parliamentary Finance Committee promised that the loan is "a good step" to help Iraq out of the financial crisis and the rationalization of expenditures, calling on the government to bring next year's budget in 2017 to the Fund in accordance with the standards.

He was the financial advisor to the prime minister, has revealed, in (19 May 2016), for the approval of the International Monetary Fund to lend to Iraq was conditional on a reduction of the general budget of about 13 trillion dinars and the placement allocations expenses "senior staff" to settle the dues of oil companies income tax, noting the bank also stipulated the exception of the armed forces and junior staff of the income tax provisions, while stressed that the loan will open the door for loans from industrialized nations worth more than $ 15 billion.

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