President of the Association of private banks pays tribute to quickly answer the Supreme Judicial Council on the legal inquiries Association

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Economy News / Baghdad .....

Over the head of Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal his appreciation to the Supreme Judicial Council responded rapidly with inquiries regarding the association legal position on issues concerning the private banking sector

He said Handal told Economy News that the answer to the Supreme Judicial Council, which represents the highest judicial authority in the country to an inquiry we made him a private message and within 72 hours sent the employees of the private banking sector, the assurance that there is a wall of a legal basis sheltering him and approached him and receive him answers quick belong the problems they face and the legal basis Rezin

Handal noted that at a time when the association has received a written response, and quickly and within 72 hours of the Supreme Judicial Council, many ministries and government establishments were still ignoring the association messages At best to Atrd only after weeks

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