Czech confirms the completion of the signed military agreements with Iraq

2016/6/2 14:35

[Where - Baghdad]

Czech state confirmed the completion signed with Iraq in the field of military agreements.

A statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari received on Thursday a copy of the Jan Vigital adoption of an ambassador to the Czechs in Baghdad leaves were following receipt rely discussed bilateral relations between the two countries leaves a ceremony."

Jaafari, referred to "the importance of relations between the two countries at all levels; because of their interest in areas of interest to the two friendly cooperation, especially cooperation in the investment sphere, and the military."

The price of the "Czech firm position of the unity and integrity of the Iraqi territories, also commended the efforts Altahk sends expert mission to train Iraqi police in Baghdad, and the ratification of the partnership between Iraq and the EU agreement.

He stressed al-Jaafari, according to the statement on the need to activate economic cooperation, investment promotion between the two countries, and work on the signing of unfinished agreements between the two countries, including: cooperation in the areas of health between the Iraqi Ministries of Health draft agreement, and the Czech and wished the new ambassador success in his mission, and the willingness of the Foreign Ministry Iraq to provide everything that would success of his diplomatic mission in Baghdad.

For his part, Czech Ambassador Jan Vigital according to the statement his country's support for Iraq in all fields, and expressed his country's aspiration and confidence in raising the level of cooperation and coordination between the two countries, so as to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the two friendly peoples in progress, explaining that he had met before coming to Iraq defense minister of his government emphasis was placed on the completion of agreements signed between Iraq and the Czech Republic at the military level agreements, referring to the intention of entering the Czech investors investing in foreign and contribute to the support services, scientific and cultural spheres markets.

And Iraq had signed in 2014 a contract with the Czech Republic, for the purchase of 15 aircraft [L-159] light fighter subsonic and received payments from them.