Iraq participates in the meetings of the Ministerial Council in Cairo.

Since 2016-06-02 at 11:37 (Baghdad time)

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The Trade Ministry said Thursday Iraq's participation in the meetings of the Council at the ministerial level in Cairo.

The Ministry said in a statement/news copy scales, citing economic relations department director Hashim Mohammed Hatem, the Iraqi delegation will participate in regular session (102) of the Council at the ministerial level. "

She added, "hosted by the General Secretariat of the Council of economic unity in Arabic Arabic Republic of Egypt, the delegation headed by senior Undersecretary Waleed Habeeb al-Musawi.

The statement said that "the Council discusses the four most important studies and public policy and the Council Secretariat notes on aldrasa prepared, and explanatory paper on the idea of establishing joint Arab company for iron and steel, and discuss the second item which includes coordination and joint planning and Arabic market, as well as the trade and development report and recommendations of the Advisory Committee meeting for trade and investment development mechanism in Arabic countries.

And, that "the meetings will include the session in the third item on the report of the Committee of permanent representatives deputies (as a follow-up Committee), the fourth item to discuss any business."