Advisor to the owners: Kuwait will know the Security Council that it approve the lifting of sanctions on Baghdad after the meeting of April 15

Haider Ali Jawad - 03/04/2012

Revealed adviser to Prime Minister of the existence of a crucial meeting between Iraq and Kuwait, leading to a report to the Security Council, including the approval of Kuwait to lift the sanctions on Iraq with the approval of both sides to complete the remaining obligations between the two countries, between a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Raising Iraq from Chapter VII is not about Kuwait alone, but the conviction of the international community, and political pressure.

The Legal Adviser to the Prime Minister Fadel Muhammad said in an interview with "the world" yesterday that "on 15 of this month will hold a crucial meeting between Iraq and Kuwait to Baghdad to settle all outstanding issues between the two countries," expected to so they can be very positive results. He added that the Kuwaiti delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mohammed Sabah, the membership of officials and ministers involved in the files of contention between the two countries.

He said Muhammad, "If we reach a joint agreement with Kuwait will send the report to the Security Council, and approved it, with approval from both sides that all that remains of obligations between the two countries from archive missing and the demarcation of the border will be completed in good faith between the two countries, and thus closes the file in the Security Council International, and ending penalties for Iraq under Chapter VII. "

He said Mohammed, "There are a number of decisions of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, including decisions relating to the border, a UN Security Council Resolution 633 in 1994, in addition to decisions regarding re Archive and Kuwaiti property, and there is no respect of missing persons, and the Kuwaiti prisoners and find the remains of bury them in Iraq, "adding that" Baghdad has carried out all of the possibilities for the application of these decisions have been made extraordinary efforts to identify the missing Kuwaiti prisoners. " And he added: "It is not easy to find all the missing Kuwaitis, or that we find the archive Kuwait, Iraq lost all their archives and property, and has a lot of missing, it is not easy to find all archive documents and all property," noting that Iraq rather than Kuwait, and the all that is possible, in addition to continuing to work on the implementation of the outstanding issues between the two countries.

Mohammed said that "Iraq needs a UN resolution provides for the Baghdad fulfill all its decisions. Such decisions require a decision by the UN Security Council," explaining that the issue of bilateral and need to be cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait only.

The Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations in turn is expected to remove Iraq from Chapter VII soon after the convergence of views between Kuwait and Baghdad, and the positive signals sent by Kuwait during its participation at the Arab summit in Baghdad last week.

A member of the Committee Mohammad Jamshid in an interview for "the world" yesterday that "the State of Kuwait gave positive signals to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, given to the participation at the Arab summit, not to mention the participation of many Arab countries high." He added that "the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the State of Kuwait, which preceded the summit was very positive, as it achieved its objectives and prompted Kuwait to cooperate with us to rid Iraq from Chapter VII and the political and economic sanctions currently in place."

He expected Jamshid contribute to the Arab League also freeing Iraq from Chapter VII, "I do not doubt that the Arab League wants an Iraq that influence takes leadership role in the region, Iraq today is not Iraq's former regime, which was a source of concern and problems for the region. And I expect that there will be a gesture quick to get rid from Chapter VII. " He continued that "the Foreign Relations Committee monitors the parliamentary foreign policy and diplomatic mechanisms to the executive government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII."

For its part, has ruled out Safiya al-Suhail to be deducted subject to this urgency and speed, are set out in an interview for "world" that "the decisions of the future meetings will need to study the legal, political, economic, I do not think that is resolving the matter so quickly and easily envisaged by everyone, because the solutions and adjustments need more time. "

She said Suhail said one of the main goals of the committees follow-up between the two countries is the speed of reaching a resolution of outstanding issues to enable Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII, which left him only with regard to Iraq's obligations towards the State of Kuwait, a range of issues inherited from the former regime, predicting that so they can be anything very important at the next meeting, because it is more serious than the meetings of joint committees between the two countries, she said.

Suhail said that the Prime Minister or Foreign Minister, perhaps will be the guest parliament soon to brief Parliament on the agreements made with Kuwait and other countries, adding that "the Foreign Relations Committee or members of parliament may demand to host the Prime Minister to explain the decisions and compromises and agreements that are and have been with Kuwait and other countries the other, and the Parliament will resume its sessions tomorrow (Tuesday), and we will certainly discuss these conventions, committees formed between the two countries and knowledge of nature and the tasks entrusted to it.

I take it a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary staff Arshad remove Iraq from Chapter VII that the international community and members of the Security Council specifically, explaining that "the issue of withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII is not about Kuwait alone, but there is a UN resolution needs to be pressure from Arab countries and the Arab League ".

And went on saying in an interview for "The World" Monday "now check a lot of cooperation with Kuwait, but it must be done in coordination with the UN and there must be coordination of a high for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and return to normal in the international system in the near future."

And linking the issue of Section VII strategic alliance with the United States, between he was "not on Washington only be a positive stance to rid Iraq of sanctions incurred by him."