Paralyzed Parliament puts reshuffle on the shelf. Freeing Fallujah covering political crisis

2016/06/01 23:24


When Parliament extended the second legislative dismissal for another month, before returning to finish it with a controversial method of legal entity the procedure, it was hoped to complete the cabin which stopped after Sadr's supporters stormed the Parliament end of last April.

But the month seemed as extension ended without the Prime Minister Haider Abadi put the names of new Ministers, or even lead five Ministers, who voice Parliament in session 26 April, swearing.

A more optimistic lawmakers expected to reshuffle corner is on the shelf until the divided Parliament return to normal, then start the blocks understanding about the form of Government again.

Parliament will resume again, but several scenarios: Declaration of the Federal Court, which hears the legitimacy of my session (14 and 26 April) final decision.

It is likely that the Court will pronounce a final decision by early June, third hearing which is defined and may include cancelling meetings, according to some lawmakers.

The second scenario of Parliament, is to keep things hanging until early July, when the beginning of the new legislative term of the House of representatives.

Until then the Parliament will remain divided into team maintained the legitimacy of Selim Jabouri, another opponent, and the third connects back with the "Government of technocrats", as with Sadr.

The third scenario is to heal the Parliament to call for a special session, "a matter, at the request of one of the three presidencies or request by 50 deputies.

Fallujah steals the spotlight!

In parallel the Edit battles in Fallujah, which was stolen contact 10 days ago, the lights of a parliamentary crisis. And, yesterday morning, the President of Parliament and the Government to the operational command, stationed in karma, for the second time in a week, as their number of Deputies.

The speaker was Selim Jabouri request on Tuesday, MPs go to battlefields to experience authentic fighters and camps for displaced people for their sufferings during the legislative term. "

Say well my Blender, block citizen, who spoke yesterday (range) near Fallujah operations headquarters that "the legislative recess of Parliament, will be dedicated to support the troops fighting Islamic State in Fallujah."

The speaker said Salim Jabouri, Tuesday, entering Parliament with legislative chapter holiday starting Thursday, about the last meeting to "deliberative session" by the legal Committee.

Parliament voted, last Sunday, in the first session after the first intrusion incident, to extend legislative term to another month. While attendance has helped 10 Deputy "reform" to complete a quorum b 167 deputies.

Blender says that "Parliament override the legislative recess when a session Tuesday, attributing it to he" came because of conscientious objectors request to delay a hearing Monday to Tuesday, but in the end did not attend.

Parliament session adjourned Sunday until Monday but was postponed to be held Tuesday, saying the postponement came despite having to achieve full quorum, noting "serious" messages received from representatives of conscientious objectors need Parliament's reunion.

Attorney Mohammed Al karboli, Member of what is called "legal team", anticipating, during authorization (range) Monday, attend 40 deputies from the opposition for Tuesday.

But the vicar about front Abdul Rahman, told the rocket (range) requests from the front to attend the gel. He noted that some bloc who attended Sunday's hearing, had been subjected to political pressures.

Parliament overrides on vacationing

But Attorney Fadhel front, said in a press statement, soldier on Tuesday, the two discussed the front on the last Parliament session, including participation in a session presided over by one of the deputies except slim Jabouri or participate in the meeting as the protestors. " He disclosed that 15 deputies they chose the second option and will be attending the meeting today (Tuesday) as the protestors. "

But the rocket denies entry to last session, stressing that "only two Commissioners who participated in the meeting and is both Deputy Azim Ajman, alkherbet demanded," attributing the entering this time to "social pressure", according to the recipe.

Walkhrbit, Ajman and Alliance forces. I considered the sole representative of the year. The Islamic party, decided last April, expelled from its ranks after joining a group of representatives of protesters. And second Vice Anbar is experiencing military operations in Fallujah.

In return, the Civic Democratic Alliance mp Super tweet, posted yesterday on Twitter, the deputies of the reform front entered the Parliament session.

Sheikh Ali, who joined the opposition group, said in tgharidth, directed his words to deputies who attended the session: "the seven reform MPs who attended Tuesday's session of the House of representatives colleagues: you didn't check the quorum, and you don't need this already weak position."

Controversial legislative chapter

But Attorney Abdul Rahman rocket, consider what happens as an attempt of "legal team" to cover up the failure to achieve a quorum for meetings. And he aimed to squeeze the "Federal Court" to abandon proceedings brought by the reform front against Parliament.

Fix front member criticized the speaker's announcement ending the legislative term, two days after its extension, as regarded the special session Tuesday to consultation that proves confusing. "

But legal Committee member mp Hassan Turan defends extend legislative term and termination. He says (range), that "extension of the second act of Parliament, for one month, ending on 30 May was legally".

ITF Member attributed it to "errors in calculating the beginning of legislative term have been addressed in the class declaration.

The speaker was Selim Jabouri, announced in mid-May, to extend legislative term for one month before the vote in Parliament on Tuesday.

In the meantime prepare the reform front to request an extraordinary session of Parliament, after the Federal Court issued its decision. The front is expected to put new presidential selection project for Parliament, which could lead to repeal vote on 5 new Ministers presented by head of Government last April.

Attorney Salah Al-Juburi says, leader of the Alliance, "can't talk now about a cabinet reshuffle amid Division in Parliament."

Jabouri finds, in an interview with the (range) today, "the head of the Government creating a problem out of nothing when the situation in the country was to change the Cabinet while corruption strikes at the roots of the institutions, in the work of the Government."

And it was recently leaked, accompanied Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to two new Ministers to a meeting on Sunday, in order to fulfil the oath.

With some parties spoke of a political deal to stop "reshuffle" return part of protestors, Parties noted the request of some political factions postponed oath ceremony of new Ministers until the solution of problems at once.