Frankincense: the return of 40 deputies Matsma to "front" Jubouri!

Frankincense: the return of 40 deputies Matsma to "front" Jubouri!
Last updated: June 1, 2016 - 11:37

Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed the National Alliance MP Sadiq frankincense, Wednesday, for the withdrawal of 40 deputies from the front of the protesters (Reform), and return to Alnwab.oukal frankincense Council meetings in a press statement today:

"Some MPs from the point of the protesters realized that their sit -in is the glory does not constitute a positive impact , "noting that" some of them felt refer to the Council of Representatives . "He added that" Iraq is passing through a dangerous phase and there is a big security and economic challenges , "he said , adding that" the number of pupils who are deputies arrived to 40 deputies ,

"He stressed frankincense that " a number of the protesters deputies also expressed their great desire to attend the next session of parliament to re - board activity and its role in government performance monitoring . " the more than 100 members of parliament have declared their boycott of the meetings of the House of Representatives after a sit -in inside the House of Representatives and the formation of the front of reform, while seeking the political blocs to persuade the protesters to return to the House of Representatives of the parliament to hold meetings of the Council and the adoption of important laws in conjunction with military operations to liberate cities, including Fallujah