State law (range): National Conference discusses the 4 axes
On: Tuesday 03/04/2012 10:58

Baghdad / menopausal Hossam Sam
revealed a coalition of state law for four axes and said that the political blocs will be discussed at a national conference to be held next Thursday, expecting to put a Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq in side meetings on the sidelines of the conference, comes at a time otherwise agreed by the Iraqi List a unified position towards the presence of the upcoming meeting.

It is hoped that the meeting today of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference to meet a deadline for finalizing the agenda, which will be discussed by the political blocs Thursday.

MP for the coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri confirmed discuss 4 files in the National Congress, he said in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday,
"The conference will explore agreements Erbil which formed the government, and the future of Iraq after the withdrawal through a rule is invoked to resolve political crises. "
will also political blocs on the reform of the legislative, executive, explained Jubouri "will be agreed upon rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives," The View the latter was an MP from the state law was to clarify the nature of the relationship between the governments of the center and the region.
and the possibility of a coalition of state law, concessions in the upcoming conference pointed Jubouri that "flexibility in the placement must be present, especially in political matters .. It can be a solution to the dispute Mutlaq with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the side events held on the sidelines of a meeting on Thursday. "
Despite the confirmation, spokeswoman for the Iraqi Maysoon al absence of existing fully for the National Congress, but the block (solution) the most prominent components of the list was likely to attend, stressing that the interests of Iraq above all differences between the parties.
Damluji said in a statement summarized by the (long) yesterday, "will not attend to the National Congress .. they are not serious in finding solutions with the political parties, we were hoping to take place before the Summit, but the insistence of the rule of law to be deported after the aborted chances of success" , and followed the "makes no sense to obey the demands for identifying the place and time .. we us our word also, and we will go to the national forces of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan to prevent the policy of unilateralism pursued by al-Maliki."
is that Iraqi MP and leader of the (solution) Raad Dahlaki told ( range) yesterday, "We have not made ​​the decision to boycott until the moment .. this will show on the list within the expanded meeting but with the idea of attending the National Congress because of Iraq the first proponents of this meeting."
For her part, block free of the Sadrist movement, the Iraqi List excited to attend the national meeting and resolve the outstanding problems, indicating that the Preparatory Committee will meet on Tuesday to arrange the final draft semi-agreed between the political forces.
The head of the bloc and member of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National Bahaa al-Araji said in a statement issued by his office and received the long version of it, that "the Iraqi List excited for the meeting resolve all outstanding problems, "stressing" the importance that the solutions are a map of action for Iraq after the withdrawal of the occupier. "
and called for al-Araji, the political blocs, to "interact and take the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis into consideration," noting that "The Preparatory Committee will meet on Tuesday to arrange the semi-final draft agreed between the political blocs. "
He al-Araji, "the keenness of the Preparatory Committee on the steps of all Iraq's problems, whether political, legal, or differences between the political blocs or between the federal government and the territorial Government, constitutionally."