War: its pathological began in Baghdad Parliament and enable disease in Erbil

Date: Wednesday, 01-06-2016 01:55 am

Follow up/Iraq today.
Among the legal expert, Tariq Harb, the awakening and the temporary recovery that accompanied the Federal Parliament in Baghdad, which led to being able to hold a hearing on 29/5/2016 only took hours to return to Parliament after his NAP,

So that confirms that "war was unable to hold a new session the next day any day 30/5/2016 if the speaker has explained himself to the possibility of holding a new hearing the next day on 31/5/2016,

we believe that security and I hope the speaker is a mirage that GR of women and break the lease and asked him who was disappointed for several reasons, the most important province of the parliamentary front for reform (sitters) and what happened from 29/5/2016 was after those, which can be a panacea To address the Parliament of his illness after it was discovered that the Federal Supreme Court judgement stay away from real time and wisdom of his legal opinions and claims numerous sayings which are parties to the proceedings and which must affect the speed issue resolution "

"War" the Tribunal must complete this action as evident in the recent court case on 29/5/2016 and you feel that the medicine lies in many perceptions held a joint session and the opening of candidacy for the Presidency of Parliament and voting even though the current Presidency participated in the nomination as long as it's about to face a democratic vote or that the current Parliament Presidium headed by interim President delivered to Parliament's vote until the decision of the Federal Court Supreme Court decision and be decisive in return or not return the Presidency or Parliament should resort to adopting provisions parliamentary recess so that the extension does not exceed the end of the legislative history of the month, as can be inferred from article (58) of the Constitution as the legislative term ending on 30/4/2016 the extension as defined in this section shall be 30 days, any extension would end on 30/5/2016 ".

He war concludes by saying "as the month the rest of the weekend is a mandatory holiday for parliamentarians but possible one of the exceptional session Parliament mentioned and they are the Prime Minister and the President and the Parliament and 50 deputies to accomplish specific tasks and not to cancel the holiday and in all cases the infection that struck the Kurdish Parliament in Arbil moved to Federal Parliament in Baghdad.