Planning and investment reimbursement mechanism discussing parliamentary contractors and farmers through government bonds.

2016/6/1 12:48

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Planning Minister Salman jumaili representative Investment Committee Chairman Jawad Al-bulani and representatives of the private sector the possibility of speeding up the reimbursement of contractors and farmers through the issuance of government bonds.

The planning Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "Planning Minister Salman jumaili met parliamentary economy and Investment Committee Chairman Jawad Al-bulani and his entourage, which included representatives of the private sector."

He said they discussed and debated the appropriate mechanisms to facilitate access by Iraqi contractors on the financial benefits from the Government as a result of carrying out investment projects over the past years within the framework of the work of the Ministerial Committee headed by the Minister of planning, which has already made its recommendations to Prime Minister and ratified earlier. "

"Both sides stressed the need to expedite the issuance of special bonds to compensate contractors within the approved mechanisms and controls as well as discuss dues farmers from trading for agricultural crops through the open channel for cooperation between the Ministry of planning and Investment Committee representative and representatives of the private sector."

He noted that he was discussing reconstruction of the liberated areas and work to turn them into ongoing workshops for its importance in the economic and social stability to those areas, "stressing" the importance of the participation of the private sector in the reconstruction of its potential in this area. "

Jumaili said at the meeting that "the Ministry is ready to support the private sector as an essential partner in the development build process in the country", adding that "the reconstruction process and bring stability to the liberated areas is a priority task for the Government."

He pointed out that "recent actions taken by the Ministerial Committee on Iraqi contractors reimbursement mechanisms, procedures to ensure these rights, and the work is now going to put all the fine details of repayment through the issuance of government bonds".

In his turn stressed the "importance of Boolean opened new perspectives for the private sector and encourage investment by providing the right environment for that," adding that "its seeking, through cooperation with the Ministry of planning to activate the role of this vital sector for the promotion of development in Iraq, particularly in the economic circumstances faced by Iraq and the expanding role of the private sector".