Defense industry pursues to gear factory in Najaf and awaits Iranian production lines

2016/06/01 12:33


Iraq's industry and minerals Ministry announced on Wednesday its intention to establish a factory to produce gear in Najaf with funds from the upper threshold, indicated that they looked forward to the arrival of an Iranian delegation to finalize contracts for processing hours production lines.

The Director of public relations and media in General company for the defense industry to the Ministry of industry and minerals maithem Abdul, told the Star (range), that "the company pending a senior Iranian delegation to visit their websites and sign a final agreement to set up new production lines," Noting that "the Iranian side did not inform the company about the details of the lines that would send her to Iraq and did not specify whether he's selling them or as an Assistant.

He added that the company never envisions those production lines and whether to manufacture rockets or gear or some mortar ", noting that the company awaited the arrival of the Iranian delegation to resolve the issue."

Abdul said that "military industry in Iraq suffer a decrease of 18%," pointing out that "what was manufactured Katyusha by old equipment and self and experience its workers."

In another context, "Abdul said to the company's Board of Directors approved the draft when the upper threshold to open the largest gear plant in Najaf Governorate, (160 km south of Baghdad)," pointing out that "the project would be funded by a group of donors, where the company is seeking to identify a safe place to set up the factory.

Director media and public relations in military industries company, that the company handed over the Ministry of defence and the popular crowd copies of contracts for 122 mm guns equipped with Katyusha rockets, 107 mm rocket launchers, as well as some 60 mortars, 80, 81, 82 and 120 mm ", adding that" the company pending Defense Department authentication and the crowd on the contracts to start equipped with its vocabulary ".

He said that "the company will import explosives (TNT) and lightning that particular production plants are imported.

He is a member of the parliamentary security and Defence Committee, Alexander toot on (long press), "you don't know anything about Iranian military industries company agreement on Iraq's military industries production lines, at the same time, the Committee" welcomed such contracts to revive the Iraqi military industry destroyed and vandalized after 2003. "

And stressed the need for "TUT diversity of Iranian production lines to enable Iraq to manufacture gear and rockets and military vehicles such as tanks," pointing out that "Iraq war against terrorism and the need for sustainability of supply security forces."

The Ministry of industry and minerals, announced Thursday, (31 March 2016), manufacturing eight rocket launchers in collaboration with the popular crowd and up to (2700), with the Launcher as feature "easy transport and maneuver," confirmed Russian armour and qualification development of missile hydraulic electric system, as declared in the (25th of January 2016) production of four 107-mm mortar and rocket manufacturing and local production ratios exceeded 80 percent, in cooperation with the private sector.

Mentions that Iraq possessed large military industries system created since the 1970s, which was destroyed in the 1991 Gulf war, including mortars and heavy guns pistols industry and ballistic missiles (of Hussein Abbas) related to long and Iraq prevented Midyat from its industry under international resolutions after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, despite ongoing war industries during the 1990s, specific and under international supervision and especially missiles industry with over 150 kilometers, but the fall of Saddam Hussein Subsequent events such as Kos, which experienced the largest plunder for their factories in the South and North of the capital, destroying most of the destroyed headquarters some coefficient of Iraqi military industrialization by us forces.