Fourth shipment exported oil gas capacitors C5

Since 2016-06-01 at 14:23 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad the balance of news

The oil Ministry announced Wednesday, the fourth shipment load capacitors gas (C5).

He said Undersecretary for gas industry Ministry statement said Hamid Yunis received/balance of news/copy, that today, the fourth shipment of export gas condensers (C5) (20) thousand m 3 of southern Iraqi ports. "

For his part, said Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said "the Ministry laid ambitious plans to export surplus quantities needed Iraq as fundamentalist mechanisms used by the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO and additional revenue for the federal Treasury along with revenue from crude oil exports.

Jihad said the Ministry would soon export liquid gas after article self-sufficiency and national production (5000) tons a day.

The Ministry had issued three shipments of gas condensers total quantity over the past two months more than 40 thousand m 3.