Hilali: we intend to achieve legislative chapter cutting session

Since 2016-06-01 12:37 (Baghdad time)

Special the balance of news

Attorney confirmed on the reform front, Ibtisam Al-hilali, Wednesday, the front's intention to attend Parliament in the next legislative term, with pointed toward the deputies were in front to achieve a meeting and cut the legislative term.

He said hilali/balance of news/"reform front, with not disrupting the political process", adding that "the other party could complicate parliamentary session his be or become poor due to insufficient number of deputies even without the presence of Parliament reform front."

She added, "there was a failure by the Presidium of the Parliament hearings", adding that "If the reform front to achieve a full quorum will cut legislative and parliamentary hearing and consultation matters of concern to the Iraqi Street."

"Determination of front to back to Parliament during the next legislative term after the decision of the Federal Court.

The Federal Court has put off the decision challenged in suits filed on the legitimacy of the Parliament session to the 8th of this month. All over