Abbadi announced the success of the first and second phases of the liberation of Fallujah and confirms: victory hand became

June 1, 2016 1:55 pm

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, Wednesday, to complete the first and second phases of the Fallujah edits successfully, while noting that victory he became.

He said the Prime Minister's information office in a statement on the sidelines of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces leaders of emancipation, that "our aim is human emancipation, liberation and victory with minimal losses," stating that "victory hand became active and brave fighters, the world looked with admiration for the victories of Iraqi forces and liberate cities usurped and inflicting successive defeats by ISIS."

Abadi praised during the statement, "our troops went in achieving their objectives in accordance with the plan," reaffirmed "to do their utmost to protect civilians and ridding people of Bagram ISIS."

Saluted Abadi "fighting forces in Fallujah liberalization of federal and local army and police and the fight against terrorism, air force and Army aviation and the popular crowd and clan and completed the first and second phases successfully", pointing out that "they fought together, they embody the Iraqi unit in defending their country and their land."

Abadi urged fighters to move with full force to achieve the plan to free Fallujah of timings.

He briefed the Commander in Chief of the armed forces at detailed explanation about the latest developments in the field and edit details 27 villages and Reed in the second phase of the plan edit.

Armed forces Commander General arrived Haidar Abadi, Wednesday, Fallujah edits to see how the battles against organized "ISIS".