Learn why transfer integrity judge in Karbala two months after receipt of the Office

June 1, 2016, 12:52 pm

A government source in Karbala, revealed Tuesday, transferring a judge integrity in province, two months after receiving his position as a judge to impartially.

The source said in the interview that "integrity judge in Karbala, (Suhail Star) has been moved to the other, after working in Office for more than two months.

Judge (Suhail Star) recognizes the duty (23 March 2016) in Karbala, in lieu of the former judge (Mohammad khudair), and began a formal call to a number of senior officials in local government because of corrupted files has been referred to earlier.

Corrupt files began to take its course in the judiciary but due to the great pressure the judge was transferred to another star, freezing his business in the province to preserve the muggers and criminals are thus to have keep their robberies again.