World Bank proposes to establish a platform for the exchange of energy

Jun 01, 2016

Cairo Anatolia said Mohammed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of electricity and renewable energy, said Tuesday that the World Bank initiative to create a platform for the exchange of energy (gas and electricity) between Arabic countries during transition (2016-2018), to accelerate the integration of Arabic States in electricity and gas trading as a means of strengthening common Arabic market for electricity.

This came during the Egyptian Minister's word during his presidency meeting of the Executive Office of the Arab Ministerial Council in Cairo, which houses Egypt, Mauritania, Kuwait, Qatar, Comoros, Lebanon, UAE and Iraq.

He added that the World Bank initiative introduced thankful about the possibility of his contribution in Arabic projects to develop renewable energy (2010-2030.

The Minister said that the delegations of the States participating in the meeting will examine the overall Arab electricity grid which is one of the most important themes of the Arab cooperation given to electrical energy from an active role in pushing development in Arabic countries.

Participants are introduced, the common Arabic market governance documentation updates for electricity, and the memorandum of understanding for the establishment of an Arab common market for electricity for adoption by the Council of the League.

Arabic Summit of economic and social development held in Riyadh 2013 Arabic strategy adopted for the development of renewable energy, with a view to developing a joint Arab framework to increase the
contribution of renewable energy sources in the energy mix.