"Shell" qualifies primary school in Basra and prepared the United Nations evidence on the possibility of "making a difference" in Iraq

2016/05/31 17:50


Iraq, shell announced Tuesday, rehabilitation of primary schools in Northern Basra, in cooperation with UNDP, to accommodate 200 additional students, while counting the headmaster, the project provides "better education" the local community, the United Nations development programme, the school is a good step "to form a partnership with the company, demonstrated the possibility of" making a difference "for Iraq.

This came during a celebration SOC, local government in Basra and all of shell operatorship Iraq, today, with the opening of the school (the horses), in terms of the monastery, northern province, (590 km south of Baghdad), Shell said Iraq, (range).

The company said that "the more generous school in Abbey, (60 km north of Basra), recently completed projects in cooperation between Shell Petroleum Development Iraq and the United Nations development programme, under crazy field support and care", adding that "the school became an extra 200 students absorbed after building a new floor of six classrooms, a laboratory and a room for teachers."

Shell added that Iraq "project which took its ten months, housing offices and new furniture processing unit (dessert) to provide clean drinking water along with multiple play areas for children.

The company quoted the General Manager of Majnoon oil field, Ahmed Atallah, as saying that "our activities with communities surrounding the field shows how our giving to the country, hoping to" finish school rehabilitation project in terms of the monastery to create an environment where children can continue their education and to provide additional space for the greatest number. "

Turn the horses, school director Naguib glorious son, according to the statement, that "the Administration is grateful to the South oil company, shell, Iraq and the United Nations development programme, all partners who have contributed to make this project sees the light to provide better education for our community."

On a related level, the UNDP Administrator said, revolutionary homeless, always a statement shell Iraq, to "rehabilitate the horses school is another success and a good step through our partnership with Shell to develop Iraq oil", stating that "the more generous school rehabilitation features develop educational institution in the monastery and demonstrates the possibility to make a real difference for Iraq."

It was a coalition between shell Malaysian oil Ministry contracted with operatorship in January of 2010, to develop the giant Majnoon southern Iraq.

Majnoon is one of the largest oil fields in the world, with reserves of approximately 38 billion barrels, shell is the operator field's President since has 45 percent of the named project, while Petronas owns 30 percent, and Maysan oil company 25 percent.

According to shell's data, the average production is currently about crazy field 220 thousand barrels per day.