More than 650 thousand jobseekers within three years.

Since 2016-05-31 at 13:55 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad the balance of news

Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, registering more than 650 jobseekers of both sexes in Baghdad from 2/1/2013 to 30/4/2016.

And the Labor Department said in a statement received Ammar Menem/balance of news/copy, the Ministry recorded (657548) jobseeker (572324) male and female (85224) in Baghdad and the provinces for the duration of 2/1/2013 to 30/4/2016 to who tagged their data for previous years (2003-2012).

"The number of visits to the job search survey during April 2016 total (207) field visits to public and private sectors, get (155) jobs in the public and private sectors for the purpose of assigning job seekers registered in a database.

"The Ministry has nominated (274) looking for work because jobs jobs that were monitored after matching their qualifications and achieve their suitability for employment received before being sent to the applicant, pointing to the set (30) looking for work (25) of them in the public sector and five in the private sector."

"The registration of trainees requires updating data by registered annually since the register does not mean inclusion of services provided by the Ministry without updating this data or register for the services provided.

And between Menem to "operating and loan service performed (249) special treatment for industrial services loans 1/10/2015 to 30/4/2016, while the number of transactions carried out under the support fund for small income-generating projects through April totaled (364) treatment, pointing out that the number of completed transactions for the duration of 24/1/2013 to 30/4/2016 total (19961) treatment."

The Labor Department registered job seekers through operating centres and offices according to electronic form prepared for this purpose for their inclusion within the database and nominated to take advantage of the services and to obtain soft loans and to create income-generating projects in accordance with seniority, qualifications and conditions and required documents (to be out of work and had no fixed resource, and be aged (15-60) for men and up (55) years for women, to be able to perform the work, as well as bringing the graduation document (College or Institute, or Prep, or medium) or break the relationship book from another school where dropout of ages (15-25 years), as well as the endorsement of the chosen who did not enter the school), and after completion of unemployed are registered and eligible bonus card use in advisory services in the field of employment and training and loans. Over 29/4 e