Jubouri declared al-Jubouri, from the end of the legislative term and stands ready for any emergency session

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House of Representatives ended its session today in the dismissal of the current legislative to enter into the legislative Attlath which lasts one month after reduced from two months.

The House of Representatives held a special meeting chaired by Salim al-President of the Council and the presence of 161 deputies on Tuesday, to discuss the general situation in the country.

At the outset of the session Jubouri announced the second legislative term ends within the second legislative year on holiday today and according to the constitutional and legislative materials.

He commended the Speaker of Parliament to attend the House of Representatives and the role of the special parliamentary committee to hold the meeting in Hawwartha with the various parliamentary blocs, "noting that" the existence and meetings dialogues with a number of objectors Representatives Awalven within [Front reform] [Representatives of the protesters], where we have received positive signals to resume entering the meetings of the Council and to move the process of reform and activating the role of the Council. "


President al-Jubouri, and pointed out that the legislative term ended in the last 30 quarters has been a decision was endorsed by the Council to extend the current legislative term for no longer than 30 days to accomplish the tasks that require this at the request of the President and the Prime Minister or the 50 deputies, noting that the legislative recess the Council of Representatives will start from today and will resort to what is available constitutionally that the meeting be exceptional for the purpose of maintaining the wording of the resolutions and the legality and legitimacy of the Council could hold an extraordinary session on a specific topic during the legislative recess.