Vice Moatasem: Federal Court decision in which no winner or loser, and we will abide by

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Attorney Mutasim Ahmed Sheikh, said Tuesday, "The Federal Court's decision on the appeal against the legitimacy of the current Presidency of the Council of Representatives where there is no victor or vanquished, and the House of Representatives of the protesters would abide by it."

Said Sheikh told all of Iraq [where] that "the Federal Court decision on the legality of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, where there is no winner or loser, and Annha will decide in accordance with constitutional contexts," stressing that "sitters House would accept the Federal Court's decision, whatever the result of the Federal Court decision."

He pointed out that "if the Federal Court issued a decision is not commensurate with the wishes of the House of Representatives of the protesters, they will return to practicing their opposition to the legislation of laws working on the block, and will be an effective way that will promote the work of the legislative institution and follow-up of administrative disorder."

The House of Representatives yesterday held its first Sunday after the quorum in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to explain the process of the liberation of Fallujah Conception terrorists.

The session was held under the chairmanship of Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and full quorum in the presence of 176 deputies, with the participation of the Kurds and the Liberal bloc with the continued boycott of the protesters who boycotted the hearings over the past month the House of Representatives.

The protesters House confirmed earlier failing to attend to the House of Representatives shall, unless a decision on the legitimacy of the presidency for the House of Representatives the case, which has identified the eighth of June next federal court date for a verdict and the final decision in this regard.