Positive indicators of the objectors of Representatives reunion Parliament postponed its meeting to the day



The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Monday, an explanation about the cause of the postponement of Monday's meeting, and as pointed out to achieve full quorum, receive messages confirmed "serious" of the objectors of Representatives need to parliament reunion.

The presidency of the Council in a statement that the cause of the failure to convene the session, yesterday in spite of the existence of what achieves a quorum total, as happened yesterday in order to receive the presidential serious messages from brothers objectors to the need to reunite the parliament, saying that in response to this desire was decided to postpone the hearing until today Tuesday.

She presidency: This initiative brothers objectors were welcomed by the Presidency and members of the House of Representatives, especially as there is a need for the healing of the House of Representatives again to do its duty and its fundamental role in the important laws that serve the citizen and earnestly implement the reform program of legislation,

pointing to provide full support to our security forces and popular crowd The Peshmerga, who are fighting a battle of existence and honor against terrorist cliques Elmejrmh.ccant of the Presidium of the House of Representatives decided to postpone the 28th of the second legislative term of the second legislative year, the meeting this Tuesday,

to ensure wider participation of members of parliament, while confirming "the existence of positive signals" from the objectors of Representatives to attend meeting, which will be held today.

A source familiar with parliamentary guessed, the failure to convene the parliament session scheduled for yesterday, the difficulty of achieving a quorum, and attributed the reason to not attend the majority of the House of Representatives,

as he emphasized that the presence of members of the House of Representatives yesterday, the first, was in solidarity with the security forces.