Peshmerga: 140 Daashaa killed and 15 km only distract us from Mosul

2016/5/30 19:19

[Oan- Baghdad]

Peshmerga forces announced on Monday killed 140 terrorists Daash terrorist gangs during battles east of the city of Mosul.

The official said the Peshmerga forces Aref Tayfur told reporters that "the process began Sunday for the Liberation of the surrounding city of Mosul villages" and has successfully "pointing out that it resulted from the liberalization of several villages and he has only 15 kilometers of the Peshmerga forces separated from the city of Mosul left."

He also noted that "The operation also resulted in the deaths of 140 of Daash and the bombing of nine car bombs."

And losses on peshmerga "We have four martyrs and 34 wounded members of the Peshmerga," adding, "The fighting ended in the axis of Khazar successfully and engineering potentiometers are now working to dismantle improvised explosive devices."

The military operation began on Sunday with the participation of a large number of international coalition backed by US-led forces, the Peshmerga.

The Peshmerga forces had repulsed the support of the International Alliance of repeated attacks last year Daash in the areas south of Irbil.
Kurdish troops are stationed in an arc surrounding Mosul and extends from the south-east to south-west.