Abadi surprise parliamentarians and confirms his presence near the completion of reforms


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

After the speaker of parliament announced a quorum for the meeting of solidarity with the battle of Fallujah is complete, yesterday, members of the House of Representatives surprised by the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and announce the date of the third phase of the liberation of Fallujah operations.

As called for political blocs to forget differences or deferred until the end of military operations, he said that the liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daash process will be launched in the coming days.

Ebadi said, in a speech while attending the parliament session and followed up (range Press), "The liberation of Fallujah operations will be included in the third phase, within 48 hours," stressing that "the security forces face some challenges in the Fallujah operations such as improvised explosive devices and operations sniping."

The Prime Minister called for political blocs to "forget political differences or deferred to another time until the end of the military operations," adding that "the current situation requires concerted everyone Parliament held hearings" He stressed Abadi said "We will in the coming days, the rest of the ministerial list in addition to the names advisers and some positions that are managed by proxy and special grades and some heads of independent bodies. "

In another context, Abadi confirmed that "the land route between Iraq and Jordan will soon be opened after the completion of locked containers and insurgents," noting that "security forces are currently facing difficulties in combating Daash Anbar province because they're all the styles dirty executions of residents and others in their war with the troops security. "

The Prime Minister added that "the government calls on the people of Fallujah to get out through safe corridors created by the security forces or to stay in their homes until the full liberation of the city," stressing "the existence of full coordination between the security forces and the crowd and the rest of the factions fighting in the liberation of Fallujah process."

Addressing the Prime Minister in his speech, demanding to know the fate of hundreds of people missing from the people of Anbar, that they documented their papers to enable the competent authorities to know their fate.

Abadi pointed out that "there are security forces fighting in the city of Fallujah to release it from the control of the organization and we have Daash Other forces will participate editorial process, the city of Mosul, which will be launched in the coming days."

The Prime Minister added that "the face of artillery battalion not to indiscriminate shelling during the battles for liberation waged by the security forces," and threatened to "violators accountable."