Dhi Qar raised 27 investment opportunity in the Senate to revive the economy market

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BAGHDAD / Economy News ...

Announced Dhi Qar management, announced the launch of 27 investment opportunity in the district of Suq, south of the province, while expressed its intention to hold more similar conferences in the rest of its administrative units, to develop its economy and face the repercussions of the current financial crisis, it pledged to facilitate investors task and encourage them by skipping routine and the obstacles they may face through the broad powers afforded governorates not organized province law.

This came during a private investment opportunities available in the foundation design to market the Senate, which was held at the Centre Hall first investment conference, (Martyr Farqad Husseini), the center of the judiciary.

The mayor Suq manager, Hussein Faraj, in his speech, "The conference aims to invest the available space within the design basis of the Directorate of the municipality of the judiciary and using them to support its financial resources development, by attracting capital and encourage investors," noting that it "contributes to the development of imports municipal and improve the level of services and reconstruction.

"He added Faraj, that there is a" large tracts of land that could be invested in industrial, commercial, and other useful areas areas economically, "noting that" the basis for the design of the town of Suq area of ​​46 square kilometers. "

For his part, the governor of Dhi Qar, Yahia Nasseri, in his speech, said that "financial distress experienced by the country and its repercussions on the economy of the province requires the employment of local economic resources and investment opportunities for the advancement of the economic sector and create jobs for the unemployed," adding that "the administration of the province completed the renovation designs the basis for the administrative units and began activating the powers to support the investment sector in the province and attract local and foreign capital to implement projects will revive the local economy. "

He revealed the conservative, for "put up 27 investment opportunity in the district of Suq," vowing to "facilitate the task of investors by skipping the administrative red tape and address the obstacles that they may encounter on according broad powers afforded by the law of governorates not organized province."

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