Association of Iraqi banks participating in the seminar / Jordan and Iraq, the prospects for the future / in Jordan

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Special / Economy News:

Held in the Jordanian capital Amman on Monday a seminar / Jordan and Iraq, the prospects for the future / organized by the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan in partnership with Alastosmaralardnah body, and one of the local advertising companies.

And participated in the seminar, which was held three working sessions, investors and businessmen Iraqis and Jordanians, Vdilaan representatives Alastosmarualbnuk bodies and private banks in Iraq and Jordan, including the Iraqi private banks association.

Speaking at the symposium a number of participants including the head of the Iraqi Council of business in Jordan, Majed al-Saadi, the head of the Alastosmaralardnah fixed Alor, and the Governor of Central Bank of Jordan Ziad Fariz, the deputy chairman of the Iraqi Business Council Saad Naji, as well as Mdiralpennek Jordan Ahli Omar Razzaz and head of Jordan Chamber of Commerce Nael Kabariti
Speakers addressed in their interventions the prospects of the Iraqi-Jordanian relations, and stressed the need to reduce Asaralvaidh investors in the Kingdom, and to encourage Alastosmaralardna in Iraqi banks and overcome the obstacles that mar the relationship with the central bank,
And expand the horizons of venture Arab countries in general and in Iraq in particular.

And Rkzrias Iraqi Council of business in Jordan, Majed al-Saadi, the obstacles faced by Iraqi investors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, including the closure of border land ports between the two countries, noting the impact on their two-way trade, as well as difficulties in granting visa or residence and fees mounting and multi imposed on the investor , explaining that the Iraqi investments in Jordan in the field of construction and housing amounted to $ 5 billion in the field of tourism 2 billion.

He called on the Jordanian authorities concerned to take effective measures to encourage the Iraqi investors who are turning to Asttmarvi other countries because of the facilities they receive, pointing to a decline in the number of Iraqis in Jordan from 600 000 to 90 thousand granting residence and visa procedures.

For his part, eat Zarhakouk former human Iraqi Boukttiaraman at length the problems afflicting Iraqi society, particularly unemployment, which represented between 16-20 percent, and illiteracy, which amounted to 6 million Lamy, as well as violence and terrorism, conflicts and wars and the migration of Iraqi drain and the exodus which constitute a burden on the Iraqi economy , also noted the seriousness of the militarization of society, which is the movement of venture Affect the country.

He called for the commercial and industrial Ttoiralalaqh between Iraq and the countries Ajawarboukhash Jordan and the establishment of complementary projects are serious and are beneficial to everyone.

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