Deputy Finance Minister will meet the President of the Association of private banks and looking with coordination between the two sides

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Special / Economy News:
Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi said Monday he met with the head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal.

During the meeting, they discussed ways Tiseraltaaml between the finance ministry and the private banking sector.

Handal suggested the ministry accrediting private banks granted by the Central Bank of Iraq is confident, and that does not circulate some negative cases on all private banks.

He also touched on the subject of localization of civil servants' salaries in the private banks and to some state institutions launch pilot projects in this area that are Akhttiaralmassarv able to manage these projects, noting the willingness of private banks to provide loans and facilities for employees guarantee their salaries in exchange for it.

For his part, accept Maderaltnive Association Tariq Ali, who Houdrallqa the nature of the dealings with the bodies and directorates of the Ministry of Finance and the application of the Committee on Economic Affairs decisions in this regard.

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