The parliamentary housing seeks to pass a law granting free "plots to citizens

2016/05/30 16:26


Back panel housing crisis in the House of representatives, Monday, to launch real estate Bank for financial loans "doesn't solve the intractable housing crisis in the country," while seeking to pass a law granting free plots "citizens, stressed the need for financial loans to build the land donated by" very soft "payments over 25 years.

Committee Chairman said the housing crisis in the House of representatives Abdul Hadi al-Hakim, in a statement received (range), a copy of it, he was "blessed endeavor real estate Bank to loosen borrowing for housing and increased loan volume, stating that" this endeavour does not solve the problem of intractable housing in the country and about two and a half million units, an increase of 150 thousand new housing units a year. "

Hakim said, "this endeavour is not helping the poor to collect, but is designed to help middle income and poor", noting that "the poor do not have the financial ability to pay the monthly installment loan of defined over half a million dinars per month.

Al-Hakim, said that "what the Parliamentary Committee is to solve the housing problem and especially to the poor and the vast majority of those in need of housing through the issuance of binding law for Government includes granting residential plots to citizens for free as their home instead of the Government.

Sage emphasized the need for "adequate financial loan to build residential land granted free and very easy installments citizen can pay back over 25 years," stressed the importance that "the citizen assumes the borrower benefits on the Bank loan and interest-free loan is paid by the citizen, but to be borne by the Government."

The Iraqi real estate Bank was announced on Tuesday, (24 may 2016), resume launching soft loans to citizens, while between that range from five to 50 dinars four percent interest over 10 years, called on the people not to pay bribes to obtain.

Iraq is suffering a crisis in housing worsened in intensity after 2003, forcing many citizens to housing in government buildings subjected to vandalism, adding to the spread of slums in most provinces, at the time of rental houses and apartments continue to rise, especially after the control regulation (ISIS) on many provinces and the accompanying displacement of communities to areas in the country.