Unresolved Federal Court Deputy file attribute of Parliament for exposure to political pressure

2016/5/30 16:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Warka block mp attributed the democracy of Joseph salioa, unresolved Federal Court now is a legitimate file House session last month, exposed to political pressures.

Salioa said in a statement {Euphrates news} "with deep regret that the Federal Court had sent a negative message not resolved the constitutionality of two deputies, and was supposed to finish this topic, stresses its neutrality, and what happened was a negative message recorded point about losing its credibility, there are political pressures exerted on the Court."

"The Federal Court to expedite decision making, coffee parties from interfering with the work of independent bodies, noting the importance of neutral Federal Court action as required by the interests of the people.

It is said that "the Federal Court yesterday held a second meeting to consider appeals last House session, after her unit one suit at the previous meeting.

The judicial authority confirmed in a statement that "after the completion of the Court heard prosecutors received ten CDs belonging to Parliament sessions by the parties to the proceedings," pointing out that "the Federal Court Chief Judge Medhat Al Mahmood summoned experts assigned, transferred the case materials after they were sworn in for the purpose assigned to their performance in relation to the case".

"The Court gave the experts six days to offer their opinions, and postponed the hearing until Wednesday morning, {8/ June next,} experts submit their report to the Court on Monday in the same month. Over 1 h